Halloween Party Themes For Adults

Halloween Party Themes For Adults

 For children, Halloween is all about staying out past darkness and stocking up on candies. But for adults, it’s a complete feast that involves festive cocktails, loud music, and lots of enjoyment with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or relatives. Halloween provides an opportunity for adults to adopt any character and wear whatever they like. Most of the people set a theme for their Halloween party to add some spice and fun. If you are planning to host Halloween party this year, then you must consider some Halloween party themes to choose the best among them.

Some of your guests may not be interested in a theme party but believe me, it will rock your party and will make the evening memorable. A theme is not only about the costumes, but it also reflects décor, drinks, and food. It’s completely your choice whether you go for a mystery, vintage, or scary theme. Once you have decided the Halloween party theme, make sure you have conveyed it to your guests. You will be astonished to know the commitment of your guests for the selected Halloween party theme. The host can play a key role in making the party mesmerizing, so you must decide the Halloween party theme a few days before the event. Send invites to your guests and clearly state the party theme and motivate them to come dressed as per the theme. Here in this blog post, we are going to share a list of 10 Halloween party themes that you can select for your event. Let’s have a look at these themes to help you choose the right one.

1. Murder Mystery


What would be better than throwing a murder mystery party? This theme will add some suspense to your party. Assign character to each of your guests so that they can dress up accordingly. You don’t need to make things complex, just make it simple and get help from a murder mystery game. You can also decorate your house according to the ambiance of crime and the scheduled time. Think out of the box and remain committed to your goal. Provide costume accessories to your guests according to the character that they will be playing.  The more you invest in your theme, the more it will be fun.  *click image for details*

2. Scary Movies

Are you a lover of scary movies? Do you want to host an ultimate scare-fest? If “yes” then a scary movie theme is perfect for your Halloween party. You can decorate your house in a manner that depicts some scenes from a scary movie. Your guests can wear outfits of their favorite horror movie characters. You can write scary words on the mirror of your bathroom. For extra fun, play a horror movie in the living room with some horrifying sounds in the background. Even if you turn off the sound, a silent horror film will create terrifying vibes you’re searching for.  *click image for details*

3. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have become quite popular in Hollywood movies. Since the past few years, the zombie theme has also gained fame in the Halloween party. So, why not choose a creepy zombie theme for your Halloween party? Use finger foods to give a feeling for body parts along with some spooky cocktails. Let your guests select between dressing as zombies or as the survivalists.  *click image for details*

4. Wild West


It’s not necessary that all Halloween parties must be scary. You can also select a theme that is not frightening. If you want to throw a fun attire evening, then a wild west theme is an ideal selection. Your guests can wear their favorite western-inspired attires. Being a host, you can hook up the mood with saloon décor, whiskey cocktails, and delicious starters.  *click image for details*

 5. Decades


Trends are continuously reprising from past decades. So, a Halloween party with some glimpse of retro fashion, music, and décor will be highly appreciated by your invitees. Select from the radical 80s, the groovy 70s, the trendy 90s, or the roaring 20s, and then finalize a playlist from that era to take your invitees back in time. You can also seek out quirky drinks, vintage décor, and old-school snacks to fully transform your house.  *click image for details*

6.  Fall Harvest 

Fall harvest theme can be the best choice if you want to arrange a festive event for Halloween. Simply convert your house into a pumpkin area with pumpkin-spiced foods, seasonal décor, and photo ops. Use pumpkins, haystacks, flowers, candles, and everything that depicts fall. Serve a few pumpkin-inspired treats and spiced cocktails for ideal seasonal settings.  *click image for details*

7. Crime Scene

Get inspiration from your well-liked crime screen investigation show and decide a crime scene theme for your Halloween party. You will just require fake blood and caution tape to set up the mood. Transform your home into a crime scene and do experiments with red food coloring. Serve up drinks and food according to your theme so that your guests can enjoy the eerie evening.  *click image for details*

8.  Haunted House

Haunted house theme is an original theme for Halloween party that’s why guests always enjoy it. Adorn your house with eerie portion bottles, sticky cobwebs, glass domes, and candlesticks with melted wax candles.  *click image for details*

9.  Speakeasy

Now you can give a secrecy theme to your Halloween party by using a speakeasy theme. Let your invitees enter your house through the back door. You can also share a password with your guests to enter your home. As far as the decoration is concerned, go for vintage-looking glassware and dim lighting. Serve some adulterous cocktails to your guests.

10.  Out of the World

Transport your invitees through time and space by using this theme for your Halloween party. Motivate guests to wear intergalactic aliens outfits with glitter and neon all over their attire. You can decorate your house with bright lights to imitate the star-sprinkled night sky.

 So, here are the top 10 Halloween party themes. Being a host, it is important to choose the best Halloween party theme to entertain your guests. 

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